Work Lunches Made Digital

After our semi-regular work lunches started gaining traction around other departments, our back-and-forth email chains soon ended up with lost orders. So a Slack channel was set up with a regular aim at getting kebabs (our go-to work lunch source). Thus, #Kebab-Mondays was born.

As a Digital team, we love Slack. We also use WordPress a lot. I decided to combine the two to automate the order lists we were creating, and after a lengthy work debate – Shab’s Kebabs Kebabability Kebabble was born.

Kebabble adds an order interface to WordPress to allow you to add your colleagues orders as they come in, which helps to keep the order organised. If the company menu is added, then you can also keep track of costs too!

Kebabble now integrates with the Slackbot API, so you can communicate with it via the channel the order was placed!

  • @kebabble new order at XXX to start a new order.
  • @kebabble menu to display what you can order.
  • @kebabble one xyz please! for an auto order.
  • @kebabble help for those who get confused!

This project has been discontinued. You are free to explore and fork the existing codebase, but the initiative that brought Kebabble to life has concluded.

Kebabble on GitHub

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This project is licensed under the MIT license, some rights reserved