Quickly create WordPress setups for development and testing. 5 minute install be damned, how’s 0?

Sometimes you want to make a quick change to your WordPress site, but then the dread sets in… WIll it break it?

Rather than hoping for the best, how about quickly testing it elsewhere? And how about collaborating with others on it?

Let me introduce to you, VVV– *ahem* WordPress Generator!

:question: What does it do?

Simple! WordPress Generator is a simple application installed like WordPress itself. However, the Generator will create temporary sites within itself, like a small factory.

This is very similar in approach to what Varying Vagrant Vagrants does. However, the Generator is not dependent on anything outside of a simple webhost. You can run it locally, or run it on a development server – choice is yours!

:floppy_disk: Where can I get it?

Head on over to the BRE Digital GitHub to grab the latest and greatest release. The instructions on the GitHub page will guide you on setting it up.

It can also be run via :whale: Docker! Take a gander at the Dockerhub page to see how you could whack this mighty beast into your container network.

Grab WordPress Generator from:

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