Flash, root and setup the Xperia Play in just a few clicks. Getting this emulation beast setup has never been easier.

Xperia Play Tools (XPT) is a Python, cross-platform command line tool for re-purposing the Xperia Play as the perfect emulation device. This small, simple tool will let you:

  • Reflash your Play with Sony firmware files (ftf).
  • Root compatible firmwares with zergRush, and setup Superuser.
  • Remove bloatware/redundant apps to free up space and memory.
  • Automatically install a chosen subset of apps.

Future additions will include:

  • Automatic custom bootloader.
  • Manage (or synchronise) content from PC to Play.

Check out the GitHub page to find out more about this project, and how you can try it out for yourself.

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